We can help you SAVE 60% IN LABOR COSTS
 without sacrificing quality
Building a quality team or stressing about labor costs is the last thing you should be spending your time on. 

Whether you've lost some team members to the Great Resignation or your payroll's going up because of inflation or you'd just like to spend less on labor, we'd love to help.

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Are you looking to either grow a team or actually replace a team that you're frustrated with?


Do you need better quality or more staff because you're trying to keep up with capacity as you grow?


Are you interested in quality labor, not just cheap labor, but you're just sick and tired of the current labor market?

Whatever your biggest challenges, we’ve seen them and we know how to overcome them.

"My cash was gone, and I was falling into debt and despair. Within a few years, I had completely paid off my unsecured business debt, paid off my student loan debt, and I had a month’s worth of expenses saved in the bank. I had a ton of data on what worked and what didn’t, I had the experience to interpret the data, and I was ready for the next level. Then COVID hit... I did what I do best; I started looking for things I could do for little to no money to seize the opportunities hidden in the chaos, and it worked. While other attorneys in my community lost ground, I gained. While they struggled, I prospered, and in 2020, I increased our net incomes by 1,078%."

Attorney in Missouri

In one confidential call, in the privacy of your office or home, you will have an objective assessment of your law firm, your forecast results, and of all the details, every question answered....taking just 59 minutes out of your entire career....a tiny investment of time. 

Also, on this call, we will walk you through the steps you have to make to build your ideal team. 
We will work together to identify what your needs are and build out the next best plan of action.

I WILL EVEN PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THE BREAKTHROUGH CALL ITSELF. How is that possible? Because there is value to you from the Call itself, even if either you or we decide a relationship isn’t appropriate – so, if you honestly feel we wasted your time, just say so and I’ll donate $350.00 to St. Jude Children's Hospital in your name. 

Richard James, Founder and President of Your Practice Mastered has earned a reputation as a national “Legal Systems Expert.” His success ingredient is simple: systems.

Richard knows how to build a small law firm because he actually did it. Beginning with virtually nothing but two men in a room literally sharing a desk, Richard grew a Phoenix law firm to surpass $3.5 million in sales in just over two years!

Today, Richard runs the Partners Club Program and has served over 900 owners of small and solo law firms to build systems that support their dreams and aspirations rather than undermine their lifestyle.

Richard believes that systems should run your law firm and people should run your systems.

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